Fixing Indoor Air Issues with Damp Proofing

Fixing Indoor Air Issues with Damp Proofing

– If you have indoor air related issues resulting from moisture, we have the solution, promises Pasi Utukka, the Managing Director of Kangasalan Pumppauskeskus Oy.

While this seems like a considerable promise, it is based on ten years of experience of working with Weber’s indoor air solutions and several repair projects ranging from detached houses to solving indoor air issues at hospitals.

– Our previous clients include the Tampere University Hospital, Coxa Hospital for Joint Replacement, and the Metso Library in Tampere, for example.

Utukka explains in clear terms how they deliver on the promise of clean indoor air.

Eliminating constant moisture

The heart of the problem is constant moisture, which leads to the creation of indoor air issues. The subject is serious, as indoor air issues resulting from problems caused by constant moisture can introduce health risks.

– Moisture coming through walls or floors as so-called infiltration air can introduce impurities, mold, as well as microbe-based and PAH or VOC compounds originating from the structures and building materials. As long as the mold or impurities do not enter the building and thus the air, they do not pose problems to the people inside the building. If, however, the impurities become airborne, the health consequences can be significant.

The best way to repair a dysfunctional structure is to simply demolish the damp structures and fix the issue from the outside. However, such significant renovation may not always be possible and is also an expensive and time-consuming way to resolve the issue. In these situations, the solution is sought from inside out, which means sealing and improving the existing building such that the moisture coming from the outside stays on the outside.

–  This is what we specialize in, Utukka says. We do not tear down the structures, but instead utilize them and fix the situation inside the apartment with damp proofing. This method is also referred to as encapsulation of contaminants, but this term is mostly used in the public sector and with larger projects. With residential customers, the preferred term is damp proofing.

Encapsulation of contaminants is suitable for isolating potentially airborne contaminants occurring in the structures in a limited area, such as radon, and various microbe-based or PAH and VOC compounds. In encapsulation repairs, the contaminants are left inside the structure, but their migration to the indoor air is prevented.

Thus isolated, the contaminants and moisture will return to the outside air and the soil through the structures.

Surfaces are cleaned, smoothed, and coated several times using high-quality Weber products. The surfaces are made breathable, while still preventing moisture and contaminants from entering the indoor air. Using this method will bring an end to peeling paint due to dampness while also ensuring clean indoor air.

– The results have been fantastic. For example, encapsulation of contaminants in the basement of the Metso Library (2012) eliminated indoor air issues. The feedback from the staff has been 100% positive, Utukka continues.

Heading to Spain

Expounding on the subject with obvious expertise and enthusiasm, Pasi says that the company has now taken its first steps into the Spanish market.

Bubbling paint, leaky terraces, and basement apartments with pungent odors are sure signs that damp proofing is required.

All of these point toward moisture in the structures that needs fixing. For example, proofing the floor of a terrace may also provide a rapid solution to indoor air issues in the room below. Damp proofing of outside terraces and balconies can also be implemented without demolishing structures.

– Dampness is a worldwide issue, Utukka says. Professional damp proofing just isn’t available to everyone yet. For example, in Spain the field is completely unknown and companies providing this service do not yet exist.

– In Finland, our best marketing model has consisted of using social media and the stories shared by people themselves.

If you suspect moisture in your apartment and are wondering how to proceed in the matter, contact us for a professional opinion. With each project, we will first perform a free survey including the examination of issues, measuring the moisture, and preparing a repair plan with a schedule. We will always provide an offer within 24 hours of the survey and all work is completed on a turnkey basis and comes with a guarantee.

– With floor repairs, we can also implement hydronic underfloor heating or cooling systems, Utukka adds.

Kangasalan Pumppauskeskus Oy has also taken its first steps toward Spain, and during the summer and fall the company will be carrying out concrete renovation projects in the Malaga region, Utukka says. The company’s contact person on the Costa del Sol is Ari Ikävalko.

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